We’re Proud to Service All American Makes of Automobiles

If you’re looking for dependable, professional mechanics to service your domestic brand of automobile, Top Shop Auto Service is the place. Our trained technicians have years of experience with all the car brands listed below and take pride in provide high quality auto repair at very affordable prices.

American Classics, Hot Rods & Muscle Cars

When it gets right down to it, we simply love cars. And when you grow up working on whatever the family owned or friends would entrust to your budding expertise, you develop a passion for American Classics, including Hot Rods and Muscle Cars. If you have a treasured vintage vehicle and are looking for someone who will treat it with the care and expertise it deserves, bring it to Top Shop Auto.

Corvette Specialists

We’re lucky to have a Master Certified Corvette Technician in charge of our garage. If you drive a Corvette and want highly personalized, expert care for it, Tim, our shop Foreman, is your man. Bring it by someday and make an introduction. He’s always eager to meet another Corvette.