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We like to keep our customers informed about the condition of their car and how they can get the most useful life from it. While we’re happy to answer questions and offer advice on a personal level, we’ve decided to also address common questions and situations with a series of written articles and short videos. We hope they’re helpful and please check back frequently as we will be adding content regularly.

Happy Motoring, from Top Shop Auto Service!

Your vehicle can help you in times of need.

Modern cars and trucks are amazing!

You can control everything from the drivers seat. Your vehicle systems help you and your family in times of need. Good automotive service & repair can keep the systems working for you.

Mt Diablo, SF Bay Area
Seeing the sunrise over Mt Diablo while safe and cozy in your car.


Modern Vehicle Systems:

You might think of our vehicle just as transportation from here to there, but when you actually think about life in the drivers seat. Your car is doing much more than just getting you to work or the next hair appointment. The systems in your car or truck all work together to make your life easier and safe, helping you and your family in times of need.

Sheltered and sealed off from the outside elements, you are cradled in protection. You control the whole environment with a touch of a button, filtered air is drawn in- heated or cooled, on automatic, no buttons needed…just pick the temperature. Couch like seats- warmed and cooled, some with back massage, all with multiple adjustments. Modern cars keep up with all your communication, and entertainment. Most vehicles interface with tablets and smart phones, giving directions and making you a better driver in the process.  In the last five years we have seen driver assisted features like: braking, traction, lane, and parking features. If an accident was to occur, a whole gamete of safety devices come in to play, all making sure you and your family are going to be OK.


How to keep the systems going:

All the systems in your car need proper maintenance and repair. Some systems have lights on the dash for service, others just need to have a filter replaced, or to be adjusted from time to time. If a systems light is on at the dash board, (that system is not working). Broken systems will not help you out at the time when you need it most. Some vehicle systems are layered, each working with another to get the job done. (Multiple lights may come on at once). It does not cost anything to ask about a light or system when you are in the shop for maintenance or repair. Learn about your car. Know how your car’s systems work, and how it helps you out.

Customer with Master Tech, Tim Martin
Happy customer with his truck, Tim just completed repairs.


Repair & Service:

At Top shop Auto service and repair, our Master Technicians not only know about your vehicle, they are experts in making all your vehicle systems work for you. We pride our selves in the combined years of experience we all have. We put all that knowledge to work for you to keep your ride enjoyable and safe.  Make sure the filters in to the car are clean, make sure the air bags are going to work, and the brakes are going to stop. Checking your car before going out on the road helps you and your family in times of need. Peace of mind goes a long way when traveling in your car with family in the back seat. Good automotive service & repair can keep the systems working for you.


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